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coach sportif Julien Laz Cannes

coach sportif cannes

Julien Laz is a sports coach in Cannes for 7 years. Thanks to his training and his various experiences in high-level sport and health, he knows how to adapt to the needs of his audience, making sure to personalize his training according to the conditions and necessities of his client.

According to him, sport is a means of maintaining one’s health and fighting the sedentary life too present in our present society.

Physical activity brings fun, allows you to escape from everyday life and refocus on yourself. For high-level sport, physical preparation leads the athlete to develop his physical potential and drives the athlete towards performance while preserving him from injuries.


Year 2010 to 2011

Master STAPS – Performance Engineering – Reathleting in Nice

Year 2009

State diploma 1st degree specialty Handball

Year 2007 to 2009

Master STAPS – MPSI (rehabilitation devices for high-level athletes after injury) in Grenoble

Year 2003 to 2007

STAPS license Education and motor skills option APA (physical activities
adapted) in Brest



Sports coach and fitness trainer by my company for 4 years

Official sports coach France for Lierac Paris (slimming cosmetics) since 2013

Sports coach for Natur House 06 since 2013

Replacements as teacher in physical activities adapted to the rehabilitation center Clinique Les Héliades Health in Fréjus since 2013.

Year 2011

Handball Coach and Physical Fitness Coach ASPTT Grasse Mouans Sartoux HB since June 2011

Year 2009 to 2011

Coach at the AS Cannes HB Handball coach – physical trainer (N1, -18 championship of France …) until July 2011 Raphael (83).

Year 2009

Internship at St Raphaël HB (D1) from March to June

Internship at the European Center for Sports Rehabilitation of St Raphaël from March to April

Year 2008

Preparatory course in Chartres with the French Team Hop Handball and Qualification for Euro 2008

Year 2007

Stage at Racing Metro 92 (Rugby D2)


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