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You have difficulty getting into the sport and yet you need to energize yourself?
Our coach will guide you in the best way to make you progress in your sports projects. Is there a better motivation than the tranquility of the woods to practice running or fitness? Biot golf and the quiet of the forest will be the perfect wallpaper of your morning jogging.

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> Individual lessons:

Sport and You offers private coaching sessions that can be done at your home, in Valemasque or in the village. Running under the trees of the forest, doing some squats on the square in the town center, climbing up the narrow alleys and doing some exercises, this is one of the programs you can follow in individual coaching. Your coach will adapt the exercise locations to your personal goals, it is also a good way to discover your city of Biot in a different way.







> Group lessons:Coach sportif Biot

If you are a group of friends who feel the urge to move, we can also create an outdoor group course on Biot. Practicing with others is motivating, each gives energy to the other. Our sports coach Biot will bring all the necessary equipment to propose fun exercises that will make you work efficiently while enjoying together!










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