You have difficulty getting into the sport and yet you need to energize yourself? Is there a better motivation than the quietness of the forest that surrounds Grasse and the historical squares of the historic town of perfume to practice running or fitness? The city of Grasse will be the perfect wallpaper for your sports sessions. The women’s handball in National 3, the rugby players in Federal 1, in turn to be part of Grasse sportsmen, at your level and your sports coach Grasse is there to help maintain your body and your health by developing your abilities.



> Group lessons:


Do you want to do an original sports activity? Why not attend our Handfit sessions held in Grasse every Friday from 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm. This course combining sport, health and well-being is a new activity created by the French Handball Federation at the request of the Ministry of Health. Julien LAZ our sports coach Grasse is part of the steering team that invented this new concept.
Furthermore, from October 2016 onwards, a course specific to diabetics will be set up at the Center Hospitalier de Grasse to improve their insulin sensitivity and their living condition with the disease, an innovative initiative that will precede the application of The new Health Law allowing the reimbursement of sports sessions for persons in ALD (see the article on this subject) .

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> Individual lessons:


Sport and You also offers private coaching sessions at your home or in your city. Your coach will adapt as much as possible the exercise places for your personal goals as quietly on your terrace or on the track of athletics of the stadium of Perdigon or the brand new fitness trail of Roquevillon on the road of Napoleon which brings an exceptional panorama going From Estérel to Nice.


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