You have difficulty getting into the sport and yet you need to energize yourself? Julien Laz your sports coach Mougins will guide you in the best way to make you progress on your objectives. Is there a better motivation than the calm of the forest and the large green spaces of the city of Mougins to practice running or fitness? Mougins will be the perfect wallpaper for your sports sessions.


Coach sportif Mougins

> Individual lessons:

Sport and You offers private coaching sessions at your home or in the city or in Valemasque. Running along the pond and its water lilies doing some squats on a wooden pontoons, this is one of the programs you can follow in individual coaching. Your coach will best adapt the exercise locations to your personal goals.

coach sportif mougins

We will prepare an initial assessment to assess your fitness and health. From this observation, we will establish your medium and long term objectives together to compose a personalized program.
Dietary follow-up can also be offered for complete support and an optimized program.
My expertise in high level sport, my different experiences in rehabilitation centers and my knowledge of the best coaching techniques will help you to reach your goals faster.
According to your desires, your health problems, we will vary sessions, practice places and exercises to avoid monotony and always remain motivated because the key to success remains your mind and the pleasure you will take in doing sports, Count on me I will not let you go !!

> Group lessons:

Mougins does not lack suitable places to do group sessions. Find Sport and You in Mougins where open-air group lessons are organized every Thursday from 9.30am to 10.30am. On the program good humor, collaborative work and still in good mood !!

Coach sportif Mougins

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