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Sport & You, society located in Cannes, has accompanied since 2010 people and companies in their sport, esthetic and healthy objectives.

And since december 2015 our personal trainer Cannes Julien LAZ is TV presenter on AZUR TV in La Grande Emission all wednesdays to give sport & health advices and to show you exercices or innovative sport concept or interesting for your body.

You will so take advantage of a personalized program to reach gradually your goals by keeping your motivation by the view of your results.


A method based on ou experiences in the high-level sport and in rehabilitation centers :

– a practice in a complete safety, no bad situations nor of overload thanks to the expertise of our personal trainer ;

– the use of concepts and innovative materials (TRX, Bosu, Disq, Swissball…) ;

– sessions which change all the time to avoid the adaptation of the body and the dullness, the use of small playful games to bring some smile in the lesson.




You want, Improve your performance,lose weight, relax, introduce you to sport, make you beautiful for summer, Prove to your friends that you are the most enduring.


 SportandYou take care of you personnally.

Is it difficult to motive to go in a crowed fitness gym, suffocanting, where everybody looks at you, without talking about loosing time on road to go…?

With your qualified and experienced personal trainer of Cannes that’s different, he moves to the place of your choice (at your home, your office, a park…) and at the hour which you wish !

If you need and if you want, your personal trainer could to direct you to good specialist of the medicine (sport doctor, physio, osteopath…) for a complete care of your body. Furthermore, a dietary follow-up will be proposed to you to optimize your program.


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